Marketplace Release Planning and Status


This is a working document for Ed’s use to help organize the work tasks He, Thomas and Eric need to perform to ready marketplace for test net rollout.


Immediate Items being worked.

  1. Perform Fee analysis. publish results (100% complete, completed by Thomas)

    1. Thomas and ed and Eric will bro down on this and discuss (one meeting 1 hour 11:30 tomorrow).

    2. Analyze the chosen/advised fees, do they work to prohibit DDOS vectors.

    3. What amounts should the fees be for main net.

  2. Perform RAM analysis (100% complete,)

    1. Ed will do indy audit of the bumps and then discuss with Thomas and Eric. (completed)

      1. findings are here –


      1. capture memory use for list domain and set marketplace config, adapt ram bumps based on findings.

      2. adapt other ram bumps as specified in Marketplace RAM use analysis.

  3. Contract rollout validation (100% completed)


  4. Dev net test plan for marketplace (20% complete, in work)

    1. Brainstorming on dev net testing (these items will be considered, and if they are executed they will go into the dev net testing wiki doc above)

    2. fork testing

    3. contract rollout testing and documented plan.

      1. Thomas has a doc on this, we will get the exact commands.

    4. fio.address has a new action.

    5. look in the FIP-26 to find areas of impact.

    6. Publish on wiki Core code rollout plan

      1. Start with main net versions

      2. Perform partial core upgrade

        1. What are the consequences of doing the core upgrade partiallly, Having it not complete, and it “sits” there done by half the BPs

        2. Have getters been modified for this effort, if so what are the consequences for integrators. What do they have to do

        3. publish Dev net test plan for core code.

    7. Publish on wiki Contracts rollout plan

      1. Upgrade the contracts

      2. Run tests (what breaks when we try to run tests with some core nodes not upgraded)

        1. Run an API node not upgraded (observe results)

        2. Run an API node upgraded (observe results)

      3. Migrate to fully upgraded upgrade

      4. Run all regressions

      5. Upgrade contracts

        1. In what order must contracts be upgraded

        2. What happens when we upgrade “out of the expected order”

        3. What parts of this can be completed WAY ahead of time.

        4. Are there ANY backward compatibility issues.

        5. What contract upgrades MUST be completed together or proximally

      6. publish MSIG commands script for upgrade by BPs

      7. publish dev net test plan for contracts.

      8. AUDIT ALL COMMANDS PERFORMED BY BPs to help ensure completeness.

  5. Publish on wiki History node playback testing and results (0% complete Eric to do)

    1. Perform playback testing for every release. ERIC will get Todd to do this

    2. Verify all account creation actions are visible in tx log (list of actions here!) (ERIC will do this.