FIO Co-op

Due to complexity and regulatory concerns, this initiative has been abandoned and has been replaced by


To review previous iterations of the FIO Co-op see:

Current approach

The current model is described in FIP-20 FIO Co-op

2020-11-03 discussion video

Supporting tools

Key Ancillary Tools Necessary for Successful Launch of Co-op Program:

  1. Foundation Address registration site updates:

    1. Collect as optional entry user email address

    2. Enable registration payment with FIO tokens – critical that users understand through the registration process the utility of FIO Tokens.

    3. Enable seamless registration of FIO Domains

  2. Needed web/DAP capabilities

    1. FIO web wallet

      1. Ability to have a FIO Private key created in a web wallet protected through username/password login

      2. Ask for optional email address for password recovery and updates about FIO

      3. Links to use that Private key to register FIO Addresses and Domains (via registration site)

      4. Ability to view registered FIO Addresses and Domains as well as FIO Token balance

      5. Ability to view FIOP credits, percentage of total and total earned, but yet to be distributed, FIO Tokens.

      6. Ability to transfer the FIO Addresses and Domains to another FIO Private key (e.g., transfer them to a fully functional wallet)

      7. No ability to transfer FIO Tokens out of web wallet – goal is to encourage users to transfer addresses to a fully functional FIO enabled wallet

      8. Web page(s) that promote user transfer of their FIO Address and Domains to a fully functional FIO enabled wallet and explain how to do that.

  3. Renewal Functionality

    1. Since people who already registered a free FIO Address will need to pay for a renewal in order to participate in the co-op we need to have full renewal functionality live on registration site and associated APIs. In addition, we need to work with FIO integrated wallets to ensure that their users will be able to renew and pay for their renewals from their wallet.

  4. FIO Domains

    1. Web tool that makes it as easy as possible to transfer a FIO Domain

    2. Marketplace for buying selling FIO Domains. It isn’t that it should be expected that there will be a lot of activity on this yet but it’s existence will encourage people to register domains because they see that they have an avenue trade them.

  5. User Guide

    1. Overview info about Co-op program

    2. FAQ for Co-op program

  6. Marketing Plan with a Calendar