OBPP5 Payment Code Support in FIO


OBPP5 is a Version 4 (latest) of BIP-47 Reusable Payment Codes standard. It allows two parties to establish a “payment channel” in which a Payer can derive a new public address for the Payee for every transaction without having to ask the Payee every time.

FIO Support

FIO can very easily support ability to map FIO Address to an OBPP5 Payment Code using existing add_pub_address functionality. Once mapped, the payment code would be returned when queried using /get_pub_address.

Since what is returned is not a “standard” public address, but rather a payment code which allows the recipient to derive a one-time-use public address on any supported chain, it’s important that it be adequately documented in FIP-15 chain and token code standard, so that every wallet which integrates FIO can know how to map OBPP5 Payment Codes.

Proposal for standard






DEFAULT - this will be default payment code to map/request

Any other string could be used as long as it is 1 to 10 chars and Pattern: ^[A-Z0-9]+$ but the requestor calling /get_pub_address would need to know what code to ask for.


BIP-47 internal eval (restricted)