Allow FIO Domains to be mapped to DNS record


This FIP defines proposed new functionality of the FIO Protocol, which would allow FIO Domains to be mapped to DNS records. See more information in FIP-44.

FIO Domain Resolution

Per FIP-44, the FIO Domain owner could attach one or many [RFC-1035]( format Resource Records (RR), which would be stored in FIO Chain State and could be retrieved using a dedicated getter returning a specific record type or all records. The FIO Chain getters will not perform recursive DNS look-ups. Instead the Foundation would build an off-chain resolver which would ingest the raw DNS Records from FIO Chain. It would support a recursive DNS name look-up, querying external DNS zone servers if required and returning either an IP Address or an error.

Integration Requirements

Initial integration requirements, for any integrator wanting to support DNS resolution of a FIO Domain would be very simple:

  1. Identify a FIO domain, by identyfying .fio TLD, e.g. sub.alice.fio

  2. Send the FIO Domain to a simple REST API

  3. Receive an IP or error.

  4. Fetch content as usual.