Transitioning to a Grant Model Incentivization structure for Integration New Partners


Current: At the discretion of the Foundation, up to $50,000 to integrate and unclear max amount of addresses. New integration partner earns compensation upon completion of the integration.

Link to Jira

Proposed: The Foundation to review a clearly defined set of criteria upon which the potential integration partner will be considered against for total incentive compensation.


  • Increased control over where FIO focuses their dev resources

  • Increased quality of the final integration

  • Increased UX via consistency across partner products

  • Increased conversion rates

    • For all reasons listed here, as well as, because the user will not have a big learning curve for each new partner product as they will mimic one another closely

  • Optimizes the FIO team’s focus strategy

  • More transparent integration agreement process

  • Supports setting higher expectations and a higher caliber of business

Criteria to Review:

  • # of monthly users

  • KYC or not KYC’d

  • Transaction volume

  • Willingness to make FIO a part of the new user onboarding process

  • # of Twitter followers

  • # of YouTube subscribers

  • # of Discord members

  • # of Telegram members

  • # of email addresses


I would propose to set each integration piece (i.e. send, receive, request, token, data, domains) at an overall total percentage for each that when combined makes 100%. Then, based on the potential integration partner’s responses to the above, they would be qualified for a total dollar amount up to $50,000. Also included in consideration with this should be the quantity of free wallet handles to giveaway.


Possible questions and responses:

  1. How many active monthly users does your platform have?

    1. 0 - 5,000

    2. 5,001 - 20,000

    3. 20,000 - 50,000

    4. 50,001 - 200,000

    5. 200,001 - 400,000

    6. 400,001 - 750,000

    7. > 750,000

  2. Are your users required to KYC? 

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. Optional

  3. If you answered Optional, what percentage of your active monthly users are KYC’d?

  4. What is your average monthly transaction volume? (for exchanges)

  5. Is your platform willing to make registering for a FIO wallet handle as part of the new user onboarding process? 

    1. Yes

    2. No

  6. How many followers on Twitter does your company have?

  7. How many subscribers does your YouTube channel have?

  8. How many email addresses does your company send to when sending a product announcement email?

  9. How many members does your Telegram channel have?

  10. How many members does your Discord channel have? 


Integration Elements and percentage value:

If Token Trading is not an available option for the potential integration partner, the Foundation would then redistribute the total percentage for that line item evenly across the other integration possibilities.

  • FIO Send & Receive 25%

  • FIO Request 30%

  • FIO Domains 12.5%

  • FIO Data 12.5%

  • FIO Token Trading 20%