2021-02-11 Meeting

The FIO dApp product has been renamed Dashboard. This page has not been updated.


Re-align on high-level strategy

Register only and push to wallets VS. full functionality?

Current plan

Register only and push to wallets

@David Gold proposed that the dApp be limited in functionality and more aggressively push to wallets which have integrated FIO.

In the meeting I will ask @David Gold to explain to the dApp Committee:

  • Why is this a better strategy?

  • Which functionality specifically should be excluded from the MVP?

DECISION: Proceeding as planned.

Closed Beta/Exclusivity

Current plan

MVP is made available to all users at launch, as the more users can benefit from the ease of onboarding, the better.

Closed Beta/Exclusivity

@Kaitie Zhee proposed that at launch the dApp will only be available to restricted number of users.

In the meeting I will ask @Kaitie Zhee to explain to the dApp Committee:

  • Why is this a better strategy?

  • How is access restricted?

DECISION: Proceeding as planned. A new initiative was created: https://fioprotocol.atlassian.net/browse/WP-345

EDGE wallet framework

During recent discussions with EDGE, it was discovered that EDGE offers an SDK to dApp developers to allow users to generate and store private/public keys using the EDGE wallet framework. If adopted by the FIO dApp, it will likely make the development process faster, as it will eliminate the need to custom-code wallet logic and storage.

If implemented:

  • All user private keys will be stored encrypted on EDGE server.

    • If EDGE servers abruptly go away, all user keys will be lost. Some users may be able to recover keys from their browser cache.

  • We will have to adopt key recovery same as EDGE, using Email/Secret Questions/Answers.

Further customization options:

  • Can be branded EDGE and would allow users to log-in with same credentials on EDGE app and have access to FIO wallet, domains, addresses.

  • Can be extended to also create keys for other blockchains (BTC, ETH, etc.) offering support for those tokens inside the dApp.

In the meeting, we will discuss cons and pros of using that approach.

DECISION: consider using non-EDGE-branded version for FIO keys only in MVP.

Review UX (time permitting)

Review the latest UX and gather feedback.