Dashboard Internal Feedback

If you find something, drop it here .. I will organize it for entry into JIRA. Thanks!






Suggestion: Make Transaction default tab. Also blue banner no longer relevant.


Copy, also since tx history is inside the Dashboard is that still needed


Available amount

How’s that possible

Transaction list is refreshed without page reload, but balance is not. Also consider adding thousands separator in balance.


Error purchasing domain


From Emily: dont need to say "annually", unless its a domain purchase.


What is the use of this tab “FIO Data”?
I created a FIO Request with FIO Data via Dashboard. All the information appeared on the FIO Request tab. There doesn't seem to be use for the FIO Data page.

Also, for copy: rename “Fio Requests” as “FIO Requests” – all upper case for FIO.


FIO Data tab covers the metadata that can accompany any blockchain transaction that reference off chain data. It can also include on chain data as well, which that does accompany a standard FIO request. Glad to review the overall use, but that’s the background on why it’s there and it’s relevance.

List of Tweaks

  1. Need a way to return back to main wallets view

  2. Main wallets view

    1. Align Total Balance and Balances

  3. Request

    1. Request from input - change address to crypto handle

  4. FIO Crypto Handle Linking

    1. Needs a title in front of the address

  5. Edit Public Address(es)

    1. Singular address linked, have to click out of the field to make the edit CTA active

    2. When editing, it goes to the back of the address, edit window to small

  6. FIO Tokens Sent - Confirm view doesn’t match the spec

  7. Request FIO 

    1. Need to relocate the banner in this scenario - locate above the requesting input

    2. Other Token Confirmation - Chain is missing on the confirmation

  8. Pay FIO Request

    1. Memo is pre-populated on the payee side with the payor message, should this be the case?

  9. Data

    1. FIO Request Details Title should be FIO Transaction Details .. Also does not clearly spell out sent to Blockchain, but rather simply “paid” for the data aspect

  10. Send FIO - Transaction and Bundled are different type weights for the title