3-mos Dashboard Strategy


  • FIO Crypto Handle registrations

  • Net profit

  • Uptime

High-level strategy

Given the low budget and funding uncertainty, the Dashboard strategy is to focus on items that can be delivered quickly with the highest impact on KPIs. The Product Roadmap is short and changes frequently based on data collected.

Since the current Dashboard WP has almost no marketing budget, it relies on Promote FIO WP to obtain generate traffic. The Dashboard team is working on developing and proposing to SC for funding a user acquisition strategy which includes both B2B and B2C components.

Product Roadmap







Product usability

  • Increase online UV-to-domain conversion

  • Platform stability

    • Hosting/deployment migration from EZOps

    • Bug fixes

  • Usability testing

  • Usability improvements

Product offering

  • Increase online UV-to-domain conversion

  • Increase order value

  • Pay with crypto

  • Multi-year domain purchase

  • Ability to pay for renewals and bundles with non-FIO

  • Domain auto-renewal

Customer Service

  • Increase online UV-to-domain conversion

  • Decrease service cost

  • Admin panel improvements

User acquisition

  • Bring unique visitors to site

  • CPC testing

  • Affiliate model

  • Partner automation

  • Develop and fund user acquisition strategy


  • Commitments made

  • Registration site migration

Other WPs

  • Costs covered by another WP

  • Expand Ledger actions