Frontend Website Documentation

Author: Isaiah Williams (

Contributors: EOS BlockSmith (

Uploaded: 7/12/21

Status: Accepted


The FIO Domain Marketplace is where users will be able to interact with the FIO Escrow Smart contract to buy and sell FIO domains. Users need to be able to have access to buy, list and cancel actions in the smart contract.

Website link:

Note: website may be down at times for development purposes



  • Dashboard

    • A page consisting of domains that are currently listed for sale, queried from the newest listed domain.

    • Users will be able to search domain on this page (has to be an exact match)

    • At the top, you can see how many domains are listed and how many have been sold


To view the rest of the pages on the FIO Domain Marketplace, you must sign-in at the top right using an anchor wallet.



  • My Account

    • Users can see different metrics concerning their account such as:

      • FIO Balance

      • Number of domains owned – clicking this will take you to the My Domains page

      • Number of addresses owned

      • Number of domains listed for sale – clicking this will take you to the My Listings page

      • This page will also include a list of recent transactions in the future


  • My Domains

    • Contains a list of domains that the user currently owns

    • Users have the option to list domains that they own for sale by clicking “List Domain for Sale”

    • Clicking “List Domain for Sale” takes you to a page where you can create a listing

After entering the amount of FIO that you want to sell the domain for, the amount of FIO for the listing fee and marketplace commission will automatically be calculated

Note: for this example, the listing fee is a flat rate of 15 FIO and commission is set at 15%, these do not reflect the actual numbers that will be used in production


  • My Listings

    • Where users can see the domains that they have listed for sale on the FIO Domain Marketplace.

    • This page has 3 tabs: Active Listings, Sold Listings and Cancelled Listings

      • Active Listings

        • Domains currently listed for sale

        • Users have the option to cancel any of their active listings by clicking “Cancel Listing”

      • Sold Listings

        • List of domains that have been sold

      • Cancelled Listings

        • List of domains that have been cancelled (see the “political” domain that I have listed and cancelled while creating this document)


Future Ideas

  • For the frontend to facilitate the registering of usernames to domains

  • Fuzzy searching on the Dashboard

  • Seller being able to edit/adjust the price

  • Being able to send an offer to sellers and they can either accept or decline

  • “Willing to sell” designation

  • Messaging system

  • Notification system – for expiring domains

  • Being able to renew a domain upon purchase

  • Expiring domain page to see all domains that are about to expire

  • Being able to send and receive FIO

  • Include functionality for addresses