Domain Registration Outreach

Note: This is the first draft…more to come.

Initiative Committee

@Kaitie Zhee @Luke Stokes @David Gold


The foundation has reserved a list of over 6,000 domains that are set to expire in March of 2021. This is an initiative to determine what to do with said domains. Some of these domains should be released and others reserved for another year. The highlighted companies here are domains that are more applicable to the FIO foundation, with two tiers, high priority, and low priority. The process of labeling these domains was subjective so I would encourage others on the initiative committee to also comb through and highlight domains that they think the foundation should reserve. All of the unmarked domains should be released and the release of these domains should be announced through marketing. In addition to the domains that the foundation has already reserved it might make sense to also reserve the domains of high Klout crypto influencers who are listed here.

Who is the customer?

  • Product owners at cryptocurrency and blockchain projects who want to own their FIO domain. As well as product owners of non-crypto currency projects who may be interested in integrating their product with a blockchain solution in the future.

What problem are we solving?

  • Initially, the foundation reserved the domains as an attempt to make sure that companies in the Crypto space and major fortune 500 companies were able to own their FIO domain should they want to. We are solving the problem of what to do with the reserved domains that are costing the foundation to renew.

Why is this important

  • Since we are coming up on the expiration of the renewal date of these domains we need to figure out what to do with them and how to announce that we are releasing them.

How will this initiative solve this problem?

  • By releasing thousands of domains that the foundation is holding so the foundation is not being charged to renew domains that are inapplicable to business initiatives of the foundation

  • Prospecting into the selected companies from highest priority to lowest using messaging that is aimed at getting the company to reserve their domain.

  • Someone on the sales team will complete outreach to the domains that are highlighted as ‘high priority’