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I wanted to introduce you to FIO, the Foundation for Inter-wallet Operability. We understand that one of the biggest challenges to reach mass adoption in the crypto-space is usability which is why we created a decentralized, trustless, usability layer solution. FIO turns long character crypto addresses into human-readable wallet addresses, so your users can deposit, withdraw, and request cryptocurrencies from your exchange. We just recently integrated with ShapeShift and Bitmax, liquid, Changely, and over a dozen others who are profiting from their FIO integration while their users are benefiting from the enhanced experience FIO protocol.  

We understand that if FIO is going to change the way that crypto users move their coins around that we need to be adopted by all the exchanges and wallets which is why we have an incentivization program for early adopters. We will pay you to adopt our technology and you will earn more for every user who creates a FIO address.

  • The FIO Protocol, and FIO Addresses, in particular, is an entire suite of usability features - it’s not just a wallet naming system to replace your public addressees. Apart from owning a name address like John@crypto, Alice@wallet, which is peculiar only to the owner in the world; you get in-wallet request functionality, enhanced metadata, plus access to a whole future roadmap of features like multi-sig routing and subscription billing.

  • The FIO Protocol happens in-wallet and automatically. There’s no “manual mapping” of public addresses to your FIO Address. That means you get automatic support for all existing and future blockchains in your exchange wallet, and support for address rotation.

  • FIO Addresses protect your mappings from the public reveal and works universally across all exchanges and wallets.

FIO Protocol - p2p Demonstration Video

White Paper


If you are interested in understanding more about the FIO foundation, and how your exchange can benefit please reach out to me by replying to this email or find me on Telegram. 

Telegram @BritMorgan

Email Brit@fioprotocol.io

Phone 415.202.4956