DAO Contributor Survey


The following is a proposed survey to be conducted among FIO Contributor DAO Workers with the objective of:

Survey will be antonymous to encourage participation.

Proposed Questions

  • How likely would you be to recommend FIO Contributor DAO as a place to work/contribute to your friends?

    • NPS scale

  • How well do you think we have handled the transition from individual-based Worker Proposal system to Objective-based Worker Proposal System? (Scale: 1 - exceptionally poorly ; 10 - exceptionally well)

  • How happy are you with the tools used by the DAO, e.g. wiki, JIRA, Discord, Google Workspace, etc.? (Scale: 1 - exceptionally unhappy; 10 - exceptionally happy)

  • What would you recommend we improve in how the DAO functions? Freeform