FIO Protocol Website


The objective of this initiative is to redesign existing FIO Protocol website in order to:

Website committee

@Pawel Mastalerz @Luke Stokes @David Gold @Jonathan Syu @James Haft @Eric Test @Kaitie Zhee Lisa Chandler

Want to join the committee, add a comment below with your qualifications and tag @Pawel Mastalerz or @Luke Stokes


Below is a link to the work-in-progress FIO Protocol Website Wireframes.

Wireframes are intended to depict:

  • Content, organization, and flow of information

Wireframes are not intended to depict:

  • Visual design

  • Detailed page layout

  • Typography

  • Scale

In these wireframes:

  • I have often used visually designed fragments from existing content. This is for illustration only and to accelerate the development of the wireframes and does not imply actual visual design.

  • Copy is considered in draft at this stage

  • Design Notes button will display page objective

Next Steps

  • Finalize wireframes

    • Agree on content, organization, and flow of information

      • Please comment in comments section of this page

    • Visual design will not be addressed in this step

  • Finalize copy

  • Create visual design

Single Page Parallax Scrolling Approach



  • Define Project Owner

  • Define metrics to measure success