FIO Handle as user name for Wax-based games

Games generally want to limit sending their users to external sites. In a recent conversation, it was suggested that because of the required cost for registering a wax account, that the game would delay sending the user to the Wax site until they earned enough in game tokens to pay for the Wax account. In the meantime, they wanted to use FIO Handles as the user’s gamer tag.

The following process facilitates the registration of initial gaming handles while providing a path for more advanced users who may want to have more control over their handle or want to use their handle in multiple games.

  1. User joins game and picks their crypto handle

    1. If it is a new handle, the game registers it using the gaming private key.

    2. If it is an existing handle, the user should have to sign something to verify they own the handle (TBD)

    3. If the user already has a custom domain, they can use that as well (should require verification of ownership)

  2. The user can then use their handle in the game and start earning in game tokens

  3. Once the user has earned enough tokens, they are sent to Wax to register an account so they can trade and manage their NFTs

  4. (Optional) The Game maps the Wax address to the user’s CH for easy lookup

  5. If an advanced user wants to manage their own handle so they can use it across different games, the game transfers the address to a new key owned by the user

    1. This could be done via a contained flow in the dashboard where a user registers and sends their new key back to the game which then executes the CH transfer

  6. The user can then register a custom domain, etc. on the Dashboard

  7. The user can import their custom domain into the game


Additional thoughts:

  • In the FIO dashboard, users could give “permissions” to the games so addresses and other FIO actions could be done without leaving the game

    • Alternatively, games could link out to the dashboard for address mapping, tipping (and other actions) once the FIO Handle has been transferred to the user

  • Allow the user to pay for a custom domain by earning and using in game tokens.