Affiliate Program


Affiliate Program will pay entities referring users to the Dashboard (Affiliates) a share of revenue generated by users they referred and who purchase a FIO Domain. Only new FIO Domain purchase is eligible for payout. Any other transaction is not. No landing page or further customization is available.

This Affiliate Program is intended for retail users of the Dashboard. Partners will continue to utilize and be handled by the Business Development WP and offer revenue share on all transactions as well as landing page, and further customization.


  • Any user can sign-up for the Affiliate Program as long as they have a Dashboard account and FIO Crypto Handle.

  • Sign-up is automatic on the Dashboard site


Payouts are handle by the FIO Chain as follows:

  • The user’s FCH will be inserted as TPID on any FIO Domain registration call from users referred to the Dashboard site using affiliate link.

  • Currently the payout is 50% of the collected fee.

  • Payout is automatic once the payout amount is 100 FIO.

Functional Specification


Core Concepts

  • Affiliate functionality utilizes the concept of Referrer Profiles which is modified as follows:

    • New settings are added

      • Profile type

        • Partner - existing Referrer type

        • Affiliate - new type

    • For Affiliate the following settings are disabled and instead the standard FIO Dashboard settings are used:

      • List of domains allowed for registration

      • Default pre-selected domain

      • Allow custom domain registration - indicates if domain registrations are allowed

      • Registration site API token

      • Logo

      • Redirect URL

      • List of domains allowed for registration - determines which domains will show up in pull-down for domain list for FIO Address Registration.

      • Default domain - determines which domain will be pre-selected in pull-down for domain list for FIO Address Registration.

      • Allow custom domain registration - indicates weather custom domain registration is allowed.

      • Registration site referrercode - is used when registering free FIO Addresses on Registration site.

      • Registration site API token - is used when registering free FIO Addresses on Registration site.

      • Logo

      • Landing page text

        • Standard

        • Custom

      • Redirect URL

    • The Partner TPID is only inserted on new Domain Registrations, for all other calls, default Dashboard TPID is inserted.

Landing Page






  • Display


  • FAQs

    • How much can I earn?

      • For every FIO Domain that is registered by a person which you referred, you will receive up to 50% of the amount paid by that person. The cost of FIO Domains vary, but is typically around $40. The percentage of payout will remain at 50% until New User Bounty token pool is depleted, at which point it will be reduced to 10%.

    • How will I receive the payment?

      • Payments are automatically processed by the FIO Chain in FIO Tokens and are sent to the FIO Crypto Handle provided, once minimum of 100 FIO Tokens have been accrued.

    • How will I know if someone has purchased a FIO Domain?

      • Individual FIO Domain purchases are not shown in the Dashboard, but once you receive a payment you will see it in the FIO Token section.

    • Will I be paid if someone renews a FIO Domain?

      • No, the Affiliate Program only pays for the initial FIO Domain registration.

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