FIO Protocol Training for New Community Workers

As a new community worker for the FIO Protocol, it is critical for you to take the time to learn about various aspects of the project. This will ensure that you are well informed and have an understanding of where various information for the project is located.

Below is a series of steps that you should take to bring yourself up to speed. You are encouraged to ask questions early and often with your primary FIO Protocol community worker contact as you go through this educational journey.


  1. Watch this FIO Explainer Video (there is multi-language subtitle support in all our youtube videos using the gearbox at the bottom for non-English speakers):

  2. Watch the CMC explainer videos:

  3. Read through every page and subpage on the FIO Website:

  4. Read all the posts on FIO's Medium:

  5. Watch the wallet<>wallet demonstration of FIO:

  6. Watch the eCommerce demo of FIO:

  7. Watch the demo videos of FIO in the Bitmax (now AscendEX) exchange and Liquid Exchange: and

  8. Watch the demo video of FIO in the ChangeNow exchange:

  9. Watch the demo video of FIO NFT Signatures

  10. Watch the demo video of FIO’s Coinpayments integration:

  11. Spend time on the FIO YouTube page, sign up for alerts for new content and watch at least the last 6 or so videos if not more:

  12. Visit FIO’s Twitter feed and read back a month or so. Also, sign up to Follow FIO:

  13. Read, at a minimum, these pages of the FIO KnowledgeBase (if they want to read more that is great!):

  14. Look at the FIO Block Explorer so you know where it is located:

  15. Look at the FIO Data Tracking resource so you know where it is located:

  16. Visit the FIO Developer’s Hub. If you are technical, read the entire site. If you are not on the tech team, review at least the sections for Wallets and Exchanges:

  17. Explore FIO’s Github:

  18. Experience FIO yourself: Access either Edge, Guarda, ShapeShift or Coinomi wallets (these are fully integrated) from the following link. Create a free wallet and register a free FIO Address inside the wallet. They can access a user guide for the wallet they select to guide them on creating their FIO Address here: Once you have a FIO Address inside one of those wallets, send a FIO Request for a small amount of crypto on a low gas fee cost chain to your primary contact’s FIO Address so you can experience FIO first hand.

  19. Watch the latest In Depth Overview Video:

  20. Ask questions whenever you have them