The FIO Community is intended to be a place of inclusion and discussion - we all have a joint incentive to promote the FIO Protocol and see it succeed. It is imperative that we treat each other with respect and patience.

Below are some guidelines that we desire for those who participate in our channels (in an official manner).

General Rules

  • Try not to encourage price speculation, on either the FIO Token or on FIO Domains. Unofficially channels may exist that you can refer to, but please keep this off the main channel as it invites spam

  • In addition, don't encourage price talk in general. Obviously, people will want to talk about the token every once in awhile, but don't let the channel become about price and why it's going up/down on a given day (because we probably don't know)

  • Do NOT disparage our ecosystem in the main channel. Feel free to encourage people to ask their wallet/exchange/etc about FIO integration, but we don't tolerate, "X wallet is a scam". Users can obviously recommend specific wallets in they want

  • Always ask for permission to DM, or ask to be DMed. Never DM a user without consent first.

  • If you don't know the answer to something, please don't guess - just ping someone who might know the answer.

  • In any channels, do not allow for referral links, advertisements, QR codes, NSFW content.

What are Good Topics?

  • Remind users of other FIO-related posts (Telegram announcements, Twitter announcements, etc)

  • Ask users on whether they have a FIO Address yet! We shouldn't have anyone in the community who doesn't have a FIO Address. Ask them if they've tried a request.

  • If you want to run a giveaway, just ask! We can help provide tokens and structure.

  • Always feel free to discuss how to promote FIO - ideas on how to expand FIO, bring in new ecosystem members, bring in new users.

  • We will keep a running list of useful content pieces in this space.