[FIP-nn] Development - Milestone Checklist

The milestone checklist tracks the development tasks that need to be completed prior to moving the Epic or story into a new status




Deliverables / Notifications




Deliverables / Notifications




Dev Epic or Story


Project manager will create initial Epic or Story


FIP Wiki


Project manager will create FIP Wiki


Development Stories


Subtasks/stories created for items in the Development Milestone Checklist


Github repo


Create bug/feature branch

See: https://developers.fioprotocol.io/docs/developers/git


Requirements, Design, and Scoping




Meeting - Kickoff meeting

Kickoff meeting held with Product Manager to review requirements


Complete FIP (if applicable)

FIP reviewed and moved to Accepted status


Complete functional / technical design

Design Draft should include a first draft of all elements outlined in the Development Spec.



Each story should be unit of work that is deliverable in a 2 week sprint. An initial estimate should be included with every development story.


Design Review




Design review


Finalize FIP






Project management

  • Project milestones

  • Time estimates for reaching project milestones



See: https://developers.fioprotocol.io/docs/developers/git


RAM bumps for new actions

See: https://developers.fioprotocol.io/docs/developers/ram


Fees for new actions


Update FIP (or development document)


ABI validation


Code review

FIO does DAC-style code reviews wherein the following core team members are required to review all major PRs:

  • Core developers - Full review

  • Security - Full review. TBD on how this will be handled.

  • QA and Release Management- Summary review to acknowledge understanding that the feature is in development

If a developer approves a PR, it is assumed that they have taken the time to do a thorough review. Just checking the box is inadequate and puts the chain at risk. If a bug or structural issue escapes, we will be taking joint responsibility for not finding it during our reviews. If a developer wants to dig deeper and has questions for the main developer, they should initiate a discussion with the developer.


Unit Testing




Action and getter testing


Performance testing


Release Plan




Msig deployment

Example: https://fioprotocol.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FD/pages/471040008






Handoff to QA






Create PR for Merge to develop


Install on DEV Server

This is a developer task to ensure that their feature or fix is on a publicly accessible DEV server so it can be reviewed by Product Management. This should be done after system testing is complete.


Feature complete






Devnet testing

Devnet testing is tracked in the Release Milestone Checklist





Test planning


  • New actions (addaction)

  • New fees (createfee)

  • List of contracts modified

See Release Milestone Checklist

Testnet rollout verification






Test planning

See Release Milestone Checklist

Mainnet rollout verification