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Worker Proposal is a proposal submitted to the Foundation offering to create value for the FIO Protocol in exchange for compensation.

Existing Worker Proposals

Checkout the existing worker proposals.

The Payment Request will follow similar workflow to that of Worker Proposal:

When Payment Request is submitted it will immediately be assigned to you and status will change to Draft. You can keep working on it until you are ready to change status to Ready For Review.

When your Worker Proposal is ending and you are requesting last payment, simply transition Worker Proposal to Ready for Review instead of creating a Payment Request.

Submit Worker Proposal

A successful Worker Proposal will include the following information:

  • Summary - one sentence description of what you are proposing.

  • Attachment - any relevant attachments. OPTIONAL.

  • Description - describe exactly what you propose to do, be as detailed as possible.

  • Deliverables - describe what specifically will you deliver at the completion of the Worker Proposal pay period to prove that you have completed the work.

  • Requested compensation type - how would you like to get paid

    • None

    • USD denominated payable in locked FIO tokens. If you choose this option you will receive a larger amount of FIO tokens, but they will be locked for a period of time.

    • USD denominated payable in liquid FIO tokens. If you choose this option you will receive a FIO tokens, at prevaling rate of exchange ate time of payment.

    • Locked FIO tokens.

    • FIO tokens.

    • USDT

    • BTC

    • ETH

    • EOS

  • Requested compensation - specify amount of compensation in compensation type specified above.

  • Requested compensation frequency - how frequently would you expect requested compensation specified above to be paid out.

  • Primary contact name - specify your name or pseudonym. This will be public.

  • Primary contact email - specify email address. This will be public.

  • Qualifications - what qualifications do you have that will enable you to successfully deliver on the worker proposal.

  • Contact method - how would you like to communicate during the execution of this worker proposal?

  • Contact notes - any additional information about how to reach you.

  • Work type - type of work you are proposing.

    • None

    • Business Development

    • Community Management

    • Graphic Design

    • Marketing

    • Product Management

    • Project Management

    • Technical Development

    • Translations

If you believe you can provide value to the FIO Protocol in exchange for compensation, feel free to submit a Worker Proposal. Consider browsing existing Worker Proposals first to get a better feel for the format.

This IS NOT the spot to submit ideas for new features of the FIO Protocol. If you want to submit an idea for a new initiative, but you are not interested in actually developing or executing it Submit an Idea instead.

Please note, some of the information you submit here will be displayed publicly as part of the community governance decision making process for approving or denying FIO worker proposals.

Submit a Worker Proposal