FIO Product Practices


FIO encourages anyone to contribute to the FIO Protocol. You do not need anyone’s permission and you don’t have to follow any specific process. See Community Wiki for all available resources.

If you are working on an initiative which is being funded by FIO, i.e. you have an active Worker Proposal, you are encourage to follow these Product practices.

How is Product Owner picked?

The Product Owner is picked by the Steering Committee based on experience, skills and availability of workers. FIO believes that Product Owners should not be changed very often to ensure that they can develop domain expertise required to be successful. Therefore new initiatives are likely to be assigned to a Product Owner who owns the Product most affected.

However, if you feel passionate about any specific initiative and want to be its Product Owner, let the Steering Committee know.

Who determines priority of initiatives?

Anyone can submit an idea for an initiative and anyone can vote on existing infinitives to help raise their priority.

The priorities of initiatives are determined by the Steering Committee considering:

  • Impact of initiative on core Foundation objectives and KPIs

  • Community feedback, including votes

  • Complexity and cost of development

If you would like to make a case for a priority of a given initiative, feel free to join the Prioritization meeting.

What does it mean to be a Product Owner?

The basics

Start by defining the following:

  • Who is the customer of your product?

  • What problem of your customer are you trying to solve?

  • Why is it important you solve this problem?

  • How will this product/initiative solve this problem?

  • What KPIs will you track to determine if you are solving this problem?

Know your stakeholders

Make sure you understand who are your stakeholders and that you include them early in your planning process.

External: who will use your product?

Make sure you identify and understand your users. Do not assume you know what they want or how they behave. Do not assume they think like you. Always do your research. Best way to understand your users is to observe them using your product via usability testing.

Internal: who is impacted by your product or whose help will you need to deliver your KPIs?

Identify any internal or external stakeholder which will be in any way impacted by your product. For example, if a product enhancement requires that block producers deploy code to the blockchain, make sure you include them as your stakeholders.

Identify any internal or external stakeholder whose help you will need to make your product successful. For example if you are developing a product that will need to be marketed to the end-user, include Marketing as your stakeholder. If your solution will need to be pitched to integrators, include Business Development as your stakeholder. Unless you are going to code it yourself, you will likely need to include Technical Development as your stakeholder.

See Meet the Community to learn about who your internal stakeholders may be. Reach out to them and talk to them.


Make sure your stakeholders are in the loop about your Product, progress of any initiative, and key KPIs.


As a Product Owner you are responsible for ensuring your product/initiative gets build, tested, deployed, serviced, marketed, and supported. However, you are not alone. The Foundation runs multiple organizational functions to support all Foundation-funded products/initiatives such as:


Make sure you measure your KPIs constantly and evaluate every initiative you undertake on how it impacted your KPIs. You may be asked by the Steering Committee to present results of how your product/initiative performs against the KPIs.

Tinker Time

Every FIO Community member, including those with active Worker Proposals are encouraged to spend a portion of their time tinkering with the FIO Protocol. Checkout