Improve FIO Integration Experience


We have received feedback from wallets and exchanges that the integration experience is somewhat complex. This initiative tracks discussions and suggestions regarding documentation and software updates that can be undertaken to improve the integration experience.

Who is the customer of this initiative?

Wallets, exchanges, apps and other integrators.

What problem of your customer are you trying to solve?

Ultimately, we need to make integrating FIO easier. This can be broken down into two parts:

  1. Improve integration documentation

  2. Simplify FIO to make it easier to integrate

How will this product/initiative solve this problem?

This initiative will focus on improving Devhub integration documentation:

  • Create simplified Getting Started documentation

  • Pull in Knowledgebase docs

  • Pull in or link to external documentation.

Simplify FIO, for example:

  • Reduce the complexity of the FIO actions available in the SDK

  • Reduce the number of upgrades required by integrators

Consolidate and Update Integration Documentation

The goals include:

  • Update devhub with more dev examples and information for the API, chain, and SDKs.

  • Focus on the integration process and create smaller, step-by-step examples

  • Link to or pull in development information from the knowledge base

  • Rearrange Devhub content to make some of it more “integration process centric”

  • General UX update to Devhub

  • For current list of other Devhub improvements refer to:

We currently host technical documentation in several locations:

Devhub Upgrade (to an Integration dashboard)

The FIO Website is moving to user-centric messaging. I is generally agreed that the more integrator-centric messaging that gets included on the the more confusing it will be for users. In addition, it has been proposed that we “merge” in the dApp with into a “user dashboard” to enhance usability and create a single FIO experience for users.

So, what do we do with all of the technical content and where do we send integrators and developers?

One direction we may want to consider is to rework the devhub content to make it more of an “integrator dashboard.” Currently, there is a mix of block producer, FIO developer, and integrator content. This change would refocus on integrators, but would still support, secondarily, other technical content. This new site would:

  • Be primarily focused on integrators.

  • Have a very clear path for getting integrators up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  • Clearly outline the ease of use and monetary benefits of integration.

  • Eventually have an integrators "dashboard" where they can view stats on how much they have earned, see their TPID, see who is registered, etc.

  • Note: one thing we may want to have on the “user dashboard” is the actual status of the integrations. This content seems more beneficial for users rather than integrators.

Update: This has been moved into development and is tracked in the Improve FIO Integration Project Plan:

Knowledgebase migration


It was previously decided to migrate the Knowledgebase content from the KB to the Website, the Devhub, and the Atlassian wiki.

Update 5/6/21: This has evolved and the current thinking is that we will continue to keep some technical information on the Knowledgebase

Simplify FIO Integration

It also must be easier to integrate FIO using the SDKs and interact with the FIO API directly. Simplification of FIO integration can be broken down into 3 areas:


  • SDKs and third-party libraries

  • Serialization and encryption

Update: This has been moved into development and is tracked in the Improve FIO Integration Project Plan: