[FIO Gaming] Use of FIO in Blockchain Gaming


The core development team at FIO has been diving into what it would take to apply the FIO protocol
technology stack into the blockchain and traditional online gaming space.

The total estimated global market size of the online gaming industry was approximately $221B in 2022, as opposed to the $4.6B estimated global market size of the blockchain gaming industry. As you can see, blockchain gaming has a little bit of catching up to do.

However, in the long run there will be little need to differentiate between the two as there is great opportunity for this technology to be utilized in the non-blockchain gaming world to enhance self the sovereign capabilities of competitive and casual gamers. The FIO Handle has the potential to become the top central-most online identifier by including traditional gaming handles and user accounts in the identifier, which are also used in the friend and messaging system and allow for sending/receive games as gifts (Steam).

The FIO domain feature of the protocol also provides a solution to represent a game clan or guild in a system that the players can join and universally track their achievements and progress across the gaming multiverse of systems. Additionally, the FIO bundles are a concept not very well known yet that solve a variety of accounting issues for game developers wanting to bring in blockchain technology to their platforms without the additional overhead of providing liquid blockchain tokens/coins and making them available to users.

Integration with APIs/SDKs



  • Unity Engine

    • Since the Godot SDK is actually written as a C# SDK, it is possible to use in the Unity game engine. However it is not officially supported and the developer has not demonstrated its use on this engine.

    • Metaops is built on Unity and has already started integrating FIO into their game. In the game menus, it is possible to register a FIO handle, We are waiting on some things:

      • Development of final feature demonstrating the use of the integrated FIO handles and tokens on the in-game chat. There is also a bug that does not show your FIO handles until you register a new one. Once these feature are complete Metaops is receiving payment for their first MOU.

      • FIO developers are working with Metaops to define the API standard for integrating FIO blockchain into a game without modifications to the engine similar to how they have done on their product

    • More detailed information https://fioprotocol.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DAO/pages/590118913



  • Unreal engine

    • No demonstrated use of FIO in Unreal engine yet, however it can be done the same fashion as how Metaops did using the http request system in the engine

Core Chain

  • FIO Assets

    • This is a new initiative to bring the use of new user generated fungible and non-fungible tokens to the FIO blockchain

    • Creation of NFTs on FIO chain allows for more games to be built directly on top of the product and leverage use of bundles transactions

    • More information


FIO sent a grant proposal for $38k to Game7 that will be used to facilitate development of tools and prototyping for FIO gaming initiatives such as Metakeep->FIO Wallet.

Grant proposal


Game7 showcase challenge -


  • Revenue Projection
    WIP based on

  • Metakeep

    • FIO is working to integrate into Metakeep's seemless onboarding experience and profit on a shared revenue model. **Waiting on MOU**

    • Metakeep subscription based model (David Gold) WIP

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