Contained Flow

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Contained Flow Functionality






  • Contained flow restricts navigation to specific actions as long as the user stays in flow.

  • Contained flow is not impacted by referrer ID other than a referrer ID can be passed in the url.

  • Contained flow means that the user has accessed the website using an Inbound url which contains referrer id and Contained Flow parameters.

  • When Website is accessed in Contained Flow the following modifications to the flow are applied:

    • URL parameters are verified to ensure that valid action parameters are provided

    • Navigation is stripped (see left)

    • User can only perform these actions:

      • Sign in

      • Create Account

      • Register FIO Address

        • List of allowed domains is set in Referrer Profile

        • Show a default pre-selected domain

        • Flag if custom domains are allowed is set in Referrer Profile

      • Perform designated action, e.g. Sign NFT

        • All data is pre-populated and cannot be changed

        • If action with those parameters has already been executed show Alreday Signed banner

    • User is forced to one of the flows

      • Register a FIO Address → Create Account → Perform action → Redirect to url set in Inbound url

      • Sign in

        • If FIO Address exists in account

          • Perform action → Redirect to url set in Inbound url

        • If FIO Address does not exists in account

          • Register a FIO Address → Perform action → Redirect to url set in Inbound url

    • Return link is added to navigation only if Inbound URL was passed in (r parameter)

  • Contained Flow is turned off when:

    • User is redirected to url set in Inbound url

    • User navigates to another page via url

    • Browser window is closed

    • Action is completed and Inbound url parameter was not passed in