Meeting Agenda for Key Thought leaders (BPs)


This is intended as a candidate agenda to help to facilitate brainstorming meetings regarding the FIO off chain state database. Please feel free to add to this agenda if there are items you would like to discuss and explore in addition to those listed.


Preparation for the brain storming session

please refer to the following wiki page for an overview of FIO off chain state database


Agenda --

present your informal summary of your history and interest in off chain state capture for EOSIO chains.

how have you captured state in EOSIO chains.

what have you found easy or challenging.

what tools have you made to aid your efforts.


Review of any questions or issues you would like to clarify


Brainstorming of FIO off chain state solutions --

What do you feel are the major challenges of integrating off chain state as described in the FIO off chain state wiki.

What do you think are existing technologies and solutions that might be useful for this effort.

What organizations and individuals in the crypto space do you feel might be helpful in the process of design implementation and rollout of a FIO off chain state database.


Previous sessions performed --