[WP-311] Certified Wallet/Exchange

Tracks research and discussions related to: https://fioprotocol.atlassian.net/browse/WP-311


The goal of this initiative is to better define what a FIO certified wallet/exchange program would look like. What are the goals? What content best achieves those goals?

Goals and Comments

There are several goals for the certified wallet/exchange program:

  • Provide a resource so users can make an informed choice about which FIO wallet to use

  • Give integrators a platform that provides details on which FIO features are included in their integration

  • Provide feedback to integrators regarding where their integration stands in relation to other integrations

It is tricky to define the criteria for “certification.”

  • How do you account for platforms that inherently support fewer features?

  • Does certification include subjective factors such as usability?

Different content that might be valuable to a user looking for a FIO integrated wallet:

  • Detailed list of supported features

  • Which platforms are supported

  • Community rating. We would need to research different ways to accomplish this.

  • Usage data. Similar to what is presented in Grafana: address registrations, current activity, etc.

  • Links to demo videos

  • Open bugs/issues (e.g., Trust Wallet does not work well on iOS)


  • Should the focus be less about certification and more about helping users make an informed choice about which FIO integrated wallet to choose?

  • Do we do a silver/gold/platinum type "stamp of approval" certification? Or just provide data?

  • Is it FIO certifying, or could it be self-reporting by wallets and exchanges?

  • Do we want to QA the integration as part of certification? Is this meaningful if a feature can break in a future release?

Next steps

  • Clearly define the goals of the certification program.

  • Decide where to present the certification content (e.g., Devhub)

  • Prioritize content