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Decisions Taken during BP Call (2021-02-01):

Recording Link: (Passcode: 19b0G&gt) 

  • Minimum pay agreed for Active BPs is set at $3500 and for Standby BPs is set at $2100. Based on these values and @0.07$/FIO 1.68 Million FIO Tokens per month for 42 BPs (21 Active and 21 Standby).

  • It is decided to fund the BP pool for a period of ~6 months with the funds reserved in FIO Address Pool totaling ~ 10Million FIO tokens(10 buckets with each 1 million). [Foundation will be committing to burn the tokens when the functionality is in place to keep the maximum tokens below 1 Billion.]

  • Luke will share the list of addresses of the buckets and Sukesh will update the FIP for final approval by the community.

  • During the 6 months time, BPs and the community shall evaluate different ideas and growth values of the chain to have more long-term solution.