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  1. Passing a TPID with the URL link that persists with the user in the Dashboard such that every time that user registers a FIO Crypto Handle or Domain the TPID will receive their FIO tokens on chain.

  2. A co-branded landing page can appear when a TPID is included in the web link to the dashboard.

  3. That co-branded landing page can be configured with whatever default FIO Domains are desired in the pull down menu so these can vary by the application linking to the Dashboard.

  4. System for limiting the number of free FIO Crypto Handles by TPID passed to prevent potential attack vector of an application registering bogus handles to get the blockchain reward.

  5. Ability for users to register FIO Domains and paid (non-free) FIO Crypto Handles using tokens/coins other than FIO (similar to registration site).

  6. Ability for the application to optionally pass public addresses to the Dashboard so a user could then map via a checkbox or radio button UI versus cutting and pasting.

  7. Ability for users to buy FIO Tokens via Indacoin in the Dashboard (Indacoin is live... needs to be added to Dashboard).

Use Case





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  • Functionality



Must Haves

  • TPID - All instances of private label must provide their TPID in order to receive associated rewards.