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Tracks research and discussions related to:


Possible Directions


Less about certification, and more about making and informed choice.


Tricky to certify wallets. There are subjective factors.


What are the metrics


Do need to know what features are on each wallet


Example. Trust Wallet. Does not work well on iOS.


Could put reports


"Stamp of approval" certification.


Community rating? might be a better way.


The goal of this initiative is to better define what a FIO certified wallet/exchange program would look like. What are the goals? What content best achieves those goals?

Goals and Comments

There are several goals for the certified wallet/exchange program:

  • Provide a resource so users can make an informed choice about which FIO wallet to use

  • Give integrators a platform that provides details on which FIO features are included in their integration

  • Provide feedback to integrators regarding where their integration stands in relation to other integrations

It is tricky to define the criteria for “certification.”

  • How do you account for platforms that inherently support fewer features?

  • Does certification include subjective factors such as usability?

Different content that might be valuable to a user looking for a FIO integrated wallet:

  • Detailed list of supported features

  • Which platforms are supported

  • Community rating. We would need to research different ways to accomplish this.

  • Usage data. Similar to what is presented in Grafana: address registrations, current activity, etc.

  • Links to demo videos

  • Open bugs/issues (e.g., Trust Wallet does not work well on iOS)


  • Should the focus be less about certification and more about helping users make an informed choice about which FIO integrated wallet to choose?

  • Do we do a silver/gold/platinum type "stamp of approval" certification? Or just provide data?

  • Is it FIO certifying, or could it be self-reporting by wallets and exchanges. Added incentive for integrators to integrate on their own.

  • Data from grafana? Address registrations, etc. Link to the Current Activity. Possible to OEM these charts into Github.

  • Reference demo videos?

  • Do we want to QA the integration as part of certification? Is this meaningful if a feature can break in a future release?

Next steps

  • Clearly define the goals of the certification program.

  • Decide where to present the certification content (e.g., Devhub)

  • Prioritize content