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Among other capabilities, the FIO Protocol provides human readable wallet “names” called FIO Addresses that can be mapped to public addresses of any blockchain by the owner of the corresponding FIO Private Key. FIO Addresses are different from previous “wallet name” attempts in a number of ways. Most pertinent to the Travel Rule Discovery problem is the structure of FIO Addresses which includes the concept of a Username and Domain. The FIO Domain is a separate Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which has control over rules on how FIO Address NFTs can be created that utilize the FIO Domain NFT:

Zenuml graph macro lite

The unique structure of FIO Addresses means that a regulated centralized exchange can hold a FIO Domain NFT and can control FIO Address registrations on that FIO Domain such that third parties can know with certainty that any FIO Address registered on that FIO Domain are controlled by the same centralized exchange.


Process Flow: Travel Rule Discovery Using FIO Protocol Without Changing User Experience/Process

Zenuml graph macro lite

Sequence Diagram

User_2 on VASP_B is sending funds to User_1 on VASP_A