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Product Path to Support KPIs

  1. Usability Testing (The How)

    1. Create plan to track metrics in order to better understand use patterns of the current production site

    2. Create plan to conduct user testing sessions for current dashboard onboarding and use

    3. Create plan to conduct user testing sessions for new features prior to roll-out

    4. Reporting for users

  2. Proper KPI Measurement

    1. Analytics

    2. Metrics / Measurement

  3. Increase Use

    1. Identify and create first time end-to-end user experience path (i.e. going passed simple registration)

    2. Identify and create specific follow-on experiences for returning users (better educate and surface features)

      1. Guides and prompts

      2. Dashboard Main View 2.0 Experience

    3. Identify and create new feature sets to drive use

      1. Pay with crypto

      2. Purchase FIO in dashboard

      3. FIO Crypto Handle Monitoring (non-imported)

      4. Locked Token Approach (example: lock and release token schedule)

      5. Wallet Connection Expansion

      6. Adoption centered notifications

  4. Growth

    1. End User - This relies on KPIs from other areas

      1. Increase awareness of FIO protocol, the number of FIO Crypto handles and the number of and value of domain sales 

        1. Identify and implement cross-pollination of marketing and dashboard sites/channels to better integrate the two

          1. Information/Promotion Highlighting within Dashboard

          2. Information/Promotion Support in Marketing Channels

          3. Create Referral Program Dashboard Experience

          4. Create FIO  Crypto Handle/Domain Promotion/Recommendation Engine

          5. Third-Party Registration

    2. Integration - This relies on KPIs from other areas

      1. Increase Domain & Crypto Handle Registrations and Utilization with Partners

        1. Create white-label model for partners

        2. First Time User Experience

          1. Landing Page

          2. Identify and develop streamlined end-to-end partner experience

        3. Return User Experience

          1. Partner goal-oriented views (staking focused for example)

    3. Opportunity - This relies on KPIs from other areas

      1. Identify new creative ways FIO Protocol can increase usability across the dashboard and new segments

        1. FIO Chat/Conversation Oriented Approach (humanized experience)

        2. Token Management System (TMS)

        3. Portable Dashboard Components

    4. Community Support - This relies on KPIs from other areas

      1. Create Governance UX

    5. Operational (Ongoing)

      1. Maintenance and Updating - Identify Bugs

        1. Continue to identify areas of improvement within current deployment

          1. Perform UAT and Production UX Testing

          2. Triage/Fix Product Experiences when identified


Link to currenty dashboard roadmap:

Legacy (For Reference Only)

In process



Notes and Status

Order of Priority

Stake tokens

Stake within the dashboard

UX and Spec Complete, UAT Tested

Update: Staking will need to address voting/proxy with a drop-down menu to show a list of BPs


Dashboard Integration - Register crypto handle and domain

This includes the following:

  • Passing TPID - Ability to pass a TPID Address in a referral URL. When followed, this would set the default TPID for the user for future transactions.

  • Simple Co-Branded landing page

This is at the initial scoping with business and the dashboard team

Priority and order of deliverables to be determined during scoping

Next steps:

  • GP to create requirements document and work with dev team to create example landing page.


Dashboard Integration - Buy FIO using Indacoin

Buy FIO using the Indacoin UX.

The Indacoin landing page has been completed:

Next steps:

  • GP to create spec

  • US vs. RoW


Dashboard Integration - Pay with crypto or exchange crypto into FIO tokens

This has been removed from scope of MVP, but needs to be enabled soon after launch.

Registration site piece of this tracked in:

Jira Legacy
serverSystem JIRA

Next steps:

  • Have dev team scope out what it would take to develop this in the dashboard


Dashboard Integration - User Flow

  • Two scenarios

    • First time on dashboard:

      • landing page makes sense here and current flow works

      • Need: at end of process, walk them through the mapping.

    • Already visited

      • Should it appear differently?

      • Deep linking

Next steps:

  • GP to create spec


Dashboard Integration - Deeper Branding

  • Co-branding that persists through out the Dashboard


Dashboard Integration - Limit # of free crypto handles

  • Vector Attack Mitigation


Porting of Registration Site functionality

  • Payment with other cypto

  • Partner Wallet UI:

    • Set sale price for address and domain

    • Set tpid

    • Set allowable domains

    • Enable API based access

    • Set free address Foundation bucket

  • Tracking and searching registrations

    • Enable tracking of underpayment

    • Which items are in review

    • Credit accounts

    • Search through registrations

  • TBD: how does this overlap with the Dashboard Integrations projects?

  • It may make sense to spec this out, but then deliver it in pieces where priority is driven by the integration project.


Token/Domain Wrapping

This includes wrapping for:

  • Tokens

  • Domains

UX In Process

UX flows & specifications have been completed for:


Token/Domain Unwrapping

This includes unwrapping for:

  • Tokens

  • Domains

UX In Process

Next steps:

  • Develop UX flows & specifications


Notifications - Dashboard Global

This includes notifying in app and via email about

  • New FIO Requests

  • Rejections or approvals on sent requests

  • Balance change

  • Expiring FIO Address/Domains and low bundle count

  • Notification Preference Management

UX Complete, Spec in process, Development in progress

Next steps:

  • GP to complete spec for in app notifications (email is complete)

  • Complete dev based on spec



  • Vote for BP.

  • Proxy.

  • Vote for FIO Board Members.

Preliminary UX Done, Needs Review

Next steps:

  • GP to publish UX for review

  • Get scope and budget based on final UX

  • Create spec


Allow mapping of passed in public addresses - Opportunity

A wallet may add a link to pass public address(es) to the Dashboard to be mapped to the FIO Address, instead of copy/pasting

Not Started


Allow users to “import (or monitor)” FIO crypto handle so they can see transactions for it without having to import the owner private key. - Opportunity

  • Subject to notifications once implemented

  • Monitoring & Alerts

Not Started





Order of Priority

Get mappings from exchanges/wallets which use oauth and allow key retrieval. - Opportunity

Login with exchange credentialing, bypass login potential, automatic mapping

Not Started


Register domain/address for someone else


Lock tokens


Degraded mode

Enable the Dashboard to function without the need to connect to FIO BE and EDGE servers once local wallet is established.



  • Show information and promotions about FIO.

  • Show wallets which integrated FIO.

  • Notify users when their wallet has integrated FIO.

  • Potential to expand on subscription opportunities.


3rd party wallet integration

  • Scatter

  • Anchor

  • Wallets that supports private key

  • Ledger Wallet (In development) - If ledger app is not available at the time of MVP, it may have to be suppressed out the gate given potential approval paths, etc. In order for approval, Ledger must see functional use.


Promote/recommend domains.


Up-sell domains to address buyers and vv.


“Watch domain” to see when it becomes available or is on sale.


Pay with fiat


Other blockchain tokens

  • Balance.

  • Link to Explorer for history.

  • Transfer tokens with memo.

  • Receive tokens.


Mapped token balances

  • Obtain balances from linked public addresses.

  • Show value in fiat PM.


Referral Program

  • Invite a friend.

  • Get compensated for referrals.

  • Requirements

    • All FIO Addresses via Dashboard will be paid (no free FIO Addresses)

    • Referrer can generate a referral code

    • Referee get a discount on purchase (e.g. 25%)

    • Referrer gets credit (e.g. 25%) of purchase price

      • Credit can be used for domain purchases, renewals or converted to FIO Tokens


Pay for multiple years of domain


Address/domain suggestions


API Node Server



  • Ongoing- Standard tagging will be in play to start

  • Need parking lot for insight specifics



  • Ongoing effort to learn from the users

    • Could be Usability sessions

    • Additional efforts - brainstorming


Super Bot

A telegram and Twitter bot that seamlessly enables users to register their own FIO address


One-sided FIO Transactions

A FIO transaction where only one party has a FIO Address


Ledger Staking

The ability to stake within the dashboard from a ledger device


Add paging to Validate NFT Signature

Paging of data retrieval may be required when a lot of NFTs are returned (similar to how a wallet might page FIO Request data).

Jira Legacy
serverSystem JIRA